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I-5 Freedom Network

by Herman Brown |

Oct. 22, 2021 I-5 Freedom Network is a San Clemente based nonprofit that works to disrupt the cycle of human trafficking through prevention, advocacy, and survivor support. They train hotels (a hub for human trafficking) to detect and report signs of trafficking with a survivor-informed and victim-centered approach. I-5 Freedom Network also offers community awareness training, workshops for teens, and they have consulted at the state and city level to create vital legislation for trafficking prevention. Their Way2Work program offers personal and professional development courses to survivors of human trafficking to help them rebuild their self-esteem, thrive in the workplace, and prevent them from going back to the life of trafficking. Without the support of the community, i-5 Freedom Network would not be able to offer these services. They are so grateful to this community and to the Rainbow® Sandals Foundation for believing in the cause and enabling them to continue their mission.