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  • Adopt a Marine Christmas Party

    Dec 5, 2019 The 20th annual Adopt a Marine Christmas Party, which we have respectfully been a part of, was another fantastic evening. This year 225 guests were invited. Each Marine gets a new pair of Rainbow® Sandals, $100.00 minimum worth of gifts, waist up massages most of the evening, 3 professional stand-up comedians, more food than they have ever been able to EAT, plus many more gifts (i.e. flat screen tv’s, surfboards, gym memberships) and for first-time professional lady acrobats. Wow, an amazing time for all !!!!

  • Flip Fusion Sandals

    Here in St Maarten, yes still at work helping friends with the new location of Flip Fusion Sandals. We helped putting up signs with Lenddy the store manager. P.S. And eating lots of gelatos

  • 300 pounds of Organic lemons

    June 23, 2019 This Sunday we delivered 300 pounds of organic lemons to FAM (Family Assistance Ministry) and Calvery Chapel in San Juan. Thanks, ECO Farms for the organic lemons!

  • Repair • Reuse • Recycle

    June 21, 2019 After 6 months at Joshua House, Michael (pictured) is surely grateful for his Repair•Reuse•Recycle pair of Rainbow Sandals.

  • Organic lemons for 2nd Time Church

    June 20, 2019 This Thursday we went to 2nd Time Church in Tustin. We gave 200 lbs of organic lemons and 24 towels… Thank you ECO Farms for the organic lemons and Joshua House.

  • More Repair • Reuse • Recycle Sandals!

    June 22, 2019 This is the faithful group that takes care and gives to the 400 plus that resides in the previously named bus station in Santa Ana (currently called the "Courtyard"). We gave them 20 pairs of Rainbow Sandals from their Repair • Reuse • Recycle program. Thank you to everyone that has donated their old pair of Rainbows!

  • St Michaels Church

    June 18, 2018 We delivered to St Michaels Church in San Clemente approx. 2,100 lb. It contained frozen meats, bakery goods, pre-made sandwiches and desserts, dairy, fruits, vegetables. Thank you FAM (Family Assistance Ministry)

  • Mendocino

    June 17, 2019 Today we were able to give approx. 2,200 pounds of food to Mendocino (Talega). We gave 670 lb. of bakery, 130 lb. of the pre-made sandwiches/deserts, 490 lb. of dairy, 555 lb. of meat, 400 lb. of fruits/veggies, 75 lbs of juices and 85 lb. of salads. We would like to thank FAM (Family Assistance Ministry) and Be Happy Living.

  • 1st Stop of the Week...

    June 3, 2019 The first delivery of the week is to Mendocino in Talega. We had approx. 2,000 lbs: 790 lbs of bakery goods, 200 lbs of dairy, 455 lbs of frozen meats, 55 lbs of the pre-made sandwiches, 45 lbs of juice, 60dz eggs and 125 lbs of misc. After, we went to St Michaels Church in San Clemente with approx 2,100 lbs of assorted food: 850 lbs of bakery items, 350 lbs of meats,230 lbs of dairy, 375 lbs of fruits/veggies, 120 lbs of juice and 75 lbs of misc items.

  • Mary's Kitchen & Stories from our clients

    June 15, 2019 Today we gave to Mary's Kitchen 60 pairs of Rainbow Sandals from our Repair • Reuse • Recycle department 23 bath towels, plus 36 soaps and shampoos. There were 4 barbers, 4 people giving pedicures, chiropractors, musicians and lots of food (of course), clothes and (hopefully) joy... Rod Logan (pictured) from Florida was so excited to visit the store and get a new pair of Rainbow Sandals from the place where it all started… He says it's the only sandal that had ever lasted in the Florida environment! Good meeting you Rod, sincerely Herman.

  • Mendocino Friday

    June 14, 2019 Today, we gave food to Mendocino. We were able to deliver 700 lb. of bakery, 650 lb. of fruits /veggies, 390 lb. of dairy, 385 lb. of frozen meats, 45 dozen eggs, 75 lb. of pre-made sandwiches/desserts. Thanks to Be Happy Living and FAM for helping us help others.

  • Mendocino & St. Michaels Church

    June 10, 2019 First stop of the week is Mendocino in Talega. We delivered about 2,300 lb. of food. After, we went to St. Michaels Church and delivered approx. 2,500 lb. For both locations, we had: 1295 lb. of bakery, 830 of dairy, 185 of fruits/veggies, 185 of pre-made sandwiches. We would like to thank Eco Farms, USA and Be Happy Living for helping us help others.

  • Women's Ranch/Set Free

    June 12, 2019 This Wednesday we gave to the Women's Ranch/Set Free in Lake Elsinore. We had about 200 lbs of laundry and house cleaning supplies, 8 pairs of pants, 4 jackets and a dozen blouses.

  • Repair Reuse Recycle

    June 9, 2018 These ladies are going to give Rainbow® Sandals (Repair Reuse Recycle) to the people who live in the old bus station (now named the Courtyard) thanks Bible Study group .

  • Busy Weekend

    June 8, 2019 On Saturday we gave 35 lunches to 2nd Time Church in Tustin and went to Mary's Kitchen (City of Orange). We also had the help of Jay "Sparky" Longley, founder of Rainbow® Sandals

  • Mendocino

    June 7, 2019 Like every Friday we delivered to Mendocino in Talega. Today we had about 2,100 lbs of food: 570 lbs of bakery, 355 lbs of meat, 450 lbs of dairy, 555 lbs of fresh fruit/veggies,190 lbs of the pre-made sandwiches/deserts.. thanks FAM (Family Assistance Ministry San/ Clemente).

  • Capo Beach Church & Elsinore

    This Wednesday, we delivered to 200 lbs of bakery for food distribution at Capo Beach Church in Dana Point. We also sent 4 dozen of hair and body products to the women's ranch in Elsinore where there are housing around 35-40 (sober living)

  • More Giving

    April 8, 2019 Today we delivered to Mendocino 490 lb. of fruits/veggies, 756 lb. of bakery items, 235 lb. of dairy, 165 lb. of pre-made sandwiches and approx. 125 lb. of misc. items. Then we went over to St. Michaels and delivered 785 lb. of bakery 500 lb. of fruits/veggies, 355 lb. of frozen meats, 130 lb. of pre-made sandwiches, 390 lb. of dairy and 55 lb. of misc items. We would once again like to thank, Family Assistance Ministries, Eco Farms, USA, Rainbow® Sandals Foundation and Be Happy Living for helping others in need.