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A Home 4 Spot

by Herman Brown |

A Home 4 Spot Animal Rescue is a volunteer-based organization that provides foster care, medical treatment, and medicine while seeking permanent homes for abandoned dogs—founded in March 2009 by Las Vegas resident Diana England. Since that time, they have saved over 7000 local dogs from being euthanized.

Founder Diane England and her volunteers continue to save dogs despite suffering an unfortunate attack. In 2016, Diane was hospitalized trying to rescue a triggered dog. "The job comes with an inherent risk, but I couldn't wait to get back to work rescuing dogs." -Diane England.

Here is an incredible story of how they were able to help save puppies. In February 2020, a good samaritan discovered four newborn puppies inside a trash bag placed in the dumpster after hearing whimpering coming from that direction. To his horror, he found the puppies inside with their cords still attached. He and his family contacted a local rescue who then pleaded on social media for specific help on newborn dogs. One of A Home 4 Spot volunteers who has extensive experience working with newborn dogs left work immediately to meet and pick up the puppies. Although they were in poor condition, they were fighters, and they jumped into action to save them. Newborn dogs require round-the-clock bottle feeding, every 2 hours the first week of life, with supplies and formula costing hundreds and hundreds of dollars. They raised enough money and supplies to care for them. The four puppies have all been adopted into loving homes that spoil them. Without donations from their community, A Home 4 Spot wouldn't be able to save these sweet babies or the many other abandoned, neglected, and abused animals they take in.

Rainbow® Sandals Foundation is pleased to donate $10,000 to A Home 4 Spot Animal Rescue to help them continue helping animals in need.

Photo right to left: Diane England, Founder; Barbara Engerer, Rescue dog and Suzanne Jeffrey