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8000 miles wearing Rainbow's for CFA

by RSF |

Departing on his planned coast-to-coast bicycle ride on October 24, 2021, wearing Rainbow® Sandals. 68-year-old Paul Webb decided when he arrived in Jacksonville, Florida, to change his plans and continue around the country completing the “Box - Around The Country Corner To Corner Ride” all on his bike. That’s California to Florida to Maine to Washington and back to California. 8000 miles in 11 months. Upon arrival this week back in San Clemente, he immediately visited his starting point at Rainbow® Sandals Headquarters, his number one sponsor. Here are a few pictures of him reporting back excited, in great health, and ready to show off the sandals he wore on the trip.

“At one point while camping, an animal took one sandal. I found it about 50 yards away with pointed teeth marks. Perhaps the animal had second thoughts about the dinner menu. Lucky for me.” When asked, “What’s your next adventure?” He replied, “I’m heading back to San Diego for the Challenged Athletes Foundation’s annual charity event on October 22, 2022, to start another loop around the country. I’m a fundraiser for CAF. This will be the second of three consecutive bicycle trips around the “Box.” Each time around, the country is 8000 miles. Three times around is 24,000 miles, equal to planet Earth’s circumference at the equator. All done on a bicycle and, of course, wearing Rainbow® Sandals.

Needing the help of dozens of bicycle shops across the country, Paul experienced alarm and dismay from shop owners and personnel for his choice of footwear. Safety and pedal stroke efficiency is in question. They would say, “You don’t have clips so your foot can slip off the pedal, and you don’t have the “pull-up” leg strength efficiency for the pedal stroke.” His response was, “The soft materials grab nicely on the pedals, eliminating slippage. I’ve sacrificed the pedal stroke efficiency for comfort. When you ride over a thousand days in a row - averaging 6-7 hours a day- any clip system plays havoc with my feet’s metatarsal phalanges bone structure. With the sandals, I’m able to reposition my foot throughout the day, preventing muscle fatigue, bone structure discomfort, and overall cramping. Riding in rain provides almost immediate drying and, with or without socks, prevents sweating and skin irritations. I’ve gladly sacrificed the efficiency of the pedal stroke for comfort. I’m not racing. I’m in it for the long run. Rainbow® Sandals work for me. I also have high arches, and their design works perfectly with my feet.”

We tip our hat to Paul Webb, a fundraiser for the Challenged Athletes Foundation. Wearing Rainbow® Sandals and doing what he loves to do - riding his bike in comfort and helping others.

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