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The Noble Path Foundation

by Herman Brown |

Nov. 16, 2021 The Noble Path Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices for our youth. They provide Real Food Forums for grades K-12. Sports-specific nutrition seminars for athletic teams and have a Nourish to Flourish referral program that services at-risk teens with personalized fitness and wellness curriculums. Thanks to their precious volunteers, professional advisory board, and the generosity of donors Rainbow® Sandals Foundation, each and every one of these programs remains free to the students and families of our local communities. In addition, by offering a home to like-minded non-profits like Community Outreach Alliance (COA), young teens can participate in fun activities involving music, gaming, art, and yoga in a safe and nurturing environment free from bias, judgment, or peer pressure to use drugs or alcohol. The Noble Path Foundation's motto is "healthy kids, healthy world" because they believe their health determines our future. To learn more visit: