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The Mares Foundation

by The Mares Foundation |

Nov. 30, 2021 Cutberto and Kimberly Hernandez are co-Founders of the Mares Foundation, Kimberly grew up in San Clemente, so they are excited to be able to expand awareness of their foundation throughout her childhood community. The Mares Foundation was drawn to Rainbow Sandals because of the shared passion that Sparky holds for educating children and bettering our next generation of leaders.   The Mares Foundation believes it is possible to reduce the pollution in Our Ocean through educating our Youth. The Mares Foundation began in Baja California, Mexico, where our Founders fell in love and started their families. We believe it is important to teach children from any region that we are all connected to the pollution being created in the Ocean, regardless of what region we come from. Our Ocean, Our Youth. Without the help and education of our next generation, this issue will only grow worse. Our goal was to educate children in Baja California, Mexico, K-12 in Ocean Literacy. However, with our success, we are now training Ocean Literacy instructors to implement our work in Latin America. As of today, our work is done in Chile, Peru, Brazil, Guatemala, Spain, and multiple places in Mexico. With Rainbow Sandals Foundations' donation to the Mares Foundation, it will be able to provide equipment to produce educational videos and content, as well as provide children with educational supplies.

Visit the Mares Foundation social media sites! Instagram: @maresfoundation Facebook: Mares Foundation YouTube: AO Latino America / Mares Foundation