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Helping Ukraine

by Rainbow Sandals |

Rainbow® Sandals Foundation gave $50,000 to aid refugees leaving Ukraine via Mariner's Church who are in direct contact helping the distribution of food and products to Ukraine.

Below is the latest update we received from Mariners Church:

"Thousands of citizens have been left behind to try and survive harsh environments with a lack of food, water, and electricity. We have been able to accomplish effective transport of 40+ tons of potatoes, meat, flour, and bread to these cities in the last week as a direct result of your contribution. That amount of food can feed 3,400+ people for a week - and it is because of Rainbow® Sandals.

The $50,000 donation went towards food, medical supplies, fuel, and a vehicle for our refugees in Ukraine. The program's success truly has been a miracle to many of those in the most desperate and war-torn areas of Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Mariupol. You have dramatically impacted many families, women, children, and orphans' lives.

With the help of many Ukrainian volunteers, we have generated a well-organized distribution system throughout the country. At the risk of their own lives, volunteers drive truckloads of products to affected areas daily.

Your donation also helped pay for a badly needed vehicle by our refugees composed of women and children (many of them orphans). It will be their lifeline for food, school, and other vital access.

The contribution also helped find the first two weeks of food for those refugees who arrived at their new home in France.

Thank you again for your support over the years. Rainbow® Sandals Foundation has been such a blessing to many, and we humbly hope you feel we have honored your mission!"

We would like to thank everyone at Mariner's Church for helping us help others.

Thank you for being a part of helping us help others