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Zeva Longley Family Adventures: Trip #3

by Alicia House |

Zeva Longley Family Adventures hike from the Tennessee Valley Trail to the Beach last Saturday. Tennessee Valley, named for the remnants of the shipwrecked SS Tennessee, contains a bevy of wildlife; from mighty raptors to common swallows, the birds of the valley will keep your eyes on the skies. The skies are not the only place to view wildlife; the valley is teeming with Black-tailed Deer, Coyotes, and on occasion you might even see a Bobcat. River Otters have been spotted in the lagoon. This fairly easy trail will take us down to the beach where we will have lunch. Stroller friendly! "The hike at Tennessee Valley was great!! Beautiful day for such a magical place. We even spotted a great horned owl sleeping by the eucalyptus trees, and plenty of quails with their chicks.” Cecilia Ledesma, Bilingual Nature Educator, WildCare New in 2022, Wildcare’s Zeva Longley Family Adventures are made possible through the Zeva Longley Scholarship for Nature Education. These adventures bring families from the Canal District in San Rafael outside on fun family outings in Marin’s parks and open spaces. The goal is to make the outdoors a safe and welcoming place for all, and these hikes are full of discovery and learning for the whole family. This amazing free program is made possible through the Rainbow® Sandals Foundation. For more information go to