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Las Palmas

by RSF |

Las Palmas, fifth-grade students, are scheduled to attend science camp at the Emerald Cove Outdoor Science Institute near Running Springs in the San Bernadino Mountains for 3 days. Students will study the natural environment, take nature hikes, investigate the geological features, observe wildlife, and compare plant adaptations. During the evening, students study the night sky through telescopes and learn about the nocturnal life in the forest. Students also learn cooperation and resiliency, teamwork, and an appreciation for the environment. It is a memorable experience for our students.

“Las Palmas thanks Rainbow® Sandals Foundation for their support of our school. The donation will go to provide scholarships so that all students can attend the fifth-grade science camp. Thank you for making this amazing experience possible for our students.”

  • Maria Cristina Barrosa, Principal