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The Crisis Hotline

by RSF |

The Crisis Hotline has been serving the citizens of Blaine County, Idaho, and beyond since 1987. Their trained Responders are proud to be on the Front "Phone" Lines dedicating over 8,760 volunteer hours each year to provide social and emotional support for those experiencing any level of crisis. They are trained in active listening and understand that there are times we all need someone to just listen with a non-judgmental ear and guide with a compassionate heart. "The Crisis Hotline is able to provide such critical resources to our community through the amazing continuous support we receive from individuals and organizations like Rainbow® Sandals.
A special "Thank you" to Rainbow® Sandals Foundation and our local friend Marc Longley for the generous donation! Together we can normalize conversations over mental health and end the stigma!" #mentalhealthmatters, #support, #endstigma, #crisistocontrol, #love