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Uniforms for Hope

by RSF |

Maureen Maloof founded Uniforms for Hope after traveling to over 40 countries and visiting schools and orphanages around the world. She realized children were not attending school because they could not afford the mandatory school uniform. There are over 260 million children worldwide not attending school and of the main reasons is they can't afford a uniform.   Uniforms for Hope provides uniforms for children to be able to attend school. So far, we have helped children in Kenya, Cambodia, Uganda, Lebanon, Tanzania, Congo, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, and India. We also have women in the villages make the uniforms to allow them some income and help the local community. We realized there was also a big need for uniforms for underprivileged children in Orange County so we are now helping children in San Juan Capistrano and Anaheim.   Here is a 3 minute video synopsis: To learn more, visit: