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The Americana - Men's Single layer Premier Leather Red White & Blue Mid Sole

Made in the USA!

Rainbow Sandals had such an overwhelming response to the release of the first edition of the signature series that we felt we needed to offer a second edition. We are equally as proud of the Americana II.

The midsole was hand crafted and triple glued the same way the original was, but we were highly encouraged to change the color of the leather. The top sole and strap are our most popular Black Premier leather. The closed cell sponge rubber midsole will break down 10% to mold to your individual foot for maximum comfort and support.

We believe that this Great Nation was built on a strong foundation of hard work, quality products, and pride. Rainbow Sandals has been making the world’s best made sandals since 1974 with these same values in the forefront of our process.Our design team has been working diligently to find the right combination of color and materials to honor America with this Signature Series sandal. We proudly hand crafted each pair of this very special design, get one while they are available.

Wear them proudly!

  • Black Premier Leather
  • Single Layer Red, White & Blue Arch
  • Red, White, and Blue Midsole
  • Embossed Rainbow Logo on Left Top Sole
  • Embossed Signature of Jay “Sparky” Longley on Right Top Sole
  • Double Stitched
  • Bonded Nylon Thread
  • 2,000lb Parachute Test Nylon Box X Toe Piece
  • Triple Glued
  • Non Slip Rainbow Bottom
  • Signature Series Rainbow Woven Label