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Madison Six Layer Wedge with a 3/4" Medium Braided Strap

Rainbow® was born as a company with one thought in mind, Jay “Sparky” Longley wanted to make a better sandal that did not break reducing litter on the beach and in the landfills. That theory continues today. Sparky never stops trying to improve on Rainbow® products. “Even the bestselling sandal can be better.”

In 2012 we released the Flirty Braidy – many of you continue to love it, Sparky thought it could be even better. The original has a unique V style leather-wrapped toe piece, the only style in the line that is made this way. In The Madison she returns to the Original Box X Toe construction, for comfort and function. If you want to be a little bit taller we have the new Six Layer Wedge to give you a cute little lift.

This 2018 version of the Six Layer Wedge -The Madison also has the same braided strap design; but now has a stitched pattern that sits on top of the new wider ¾” Medium strap making it stronger than ever! Everything else is exactly the same!

  • Six Layer Wedge
  • Premier Nubuck Leather
  • Medium 3/4” Strap
  • Folded Leather Strap w/Braided Finish
  • Box X Toe Construction
  • Embossed Rainbow® Logo
  • Double Stitched
  • Bonded Nylon Thread
  • Triple Glued
  • Non-Slip Rainbow® Bottom
  • Original Rainbow® Woven Label
  • Molds to Your Individual Foot
  • Rainbow® Lifetime Warranty

The Madison new for 2018 is now available in the popular Six Layer Wedge with the same midsole that is made to break down 10% under your foot to make an exact mold to your individual foot, creating the perfect sandal. The embossed top sole and strap are made of the highest quality Nubuck leather.

The Madison has two new features for the 2018 design, the box X toe construction, and this version the braided pattern will sit atop of our new ¾” Medium strap, both are complete with bonded nylon thread so it will not fray or pull out.

Each layer is triple glued, to the non-slip Rainbow® bottom, finished with the original Woven Rainbow® logo. You can’t go wrong with any version of this adorable sandal.