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Luxury Leather Collection - The Bentley – Double layer Arch Hand Woven Strap

The Bentley in The Double Layer Luxury Leather Collection

The newest double layer design in our product line. Be the first to get your feet into The Double Layer Bentley in Luxury Leather.

Leather design comes with the traditional 1" straps that are handmade with a woven pattern on the top and trimmed edges to keep it all together. The best feature of this new line is that there is virtually zero break in process.

We crafted naturally tumbled full grain Luxury Leather to elevate you in your continued journey through life.

  • Luxury Leather
  • 1” Hand Woven Straps
  • Easy Break In
  • Double Layer Arch
  • Distressed Luxury Leather
  • Uniquely Distressed Surfaces
  • Anilina Wax Finishing Process
  • Increased Softness
  • Waxed Edges
  • Nylon Toe Piece
  • Box X Toe Construction
  • Bonded Nylon Thread
  • Triple Glued
  • Non-Slip Rainbow® Bottom
  • Original Rainbow® Woven Label
  • Lifetime Rainbow® Guarantee

We started with the traditional 302 double layer construction, the only difference is the second layer of mid sole which starts at the arch and rises towards the heel, offering more arch support. We then selected a higher quality, thicker, softer and more durable leather for the top sole and hand woven pattern on the trimmed strap. The antiqued surface of the top sole is uniquely distressed giving each pair its own unique story. The top sole has an oil, paraffin and water based waxing process giving it the luxurious finished look and ultra-soft feel.

The 1" straps hand woven are made with luxury leather and are rolled and sewn to a 2,000lb military grade nylon, straps are held together by a soft nylon toe piece using our signature box X toe construction and featuring the original Rainbow® woven label. Holding things together we use a waxed, bonded nylon thread that will not fray or pull out.

Each layer is triple glued with Sparky’s uniquely formulated and patented glue. The left sandal is embossed with the Rainbow® Sandals logo The Luxury Leather Collection is of course backed by the Rainbow® Sandals Lifetime Guarantee.